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Last Alteration: Sunday 07 April 2013

Locations: Series Seven (2012)

The Doctor, The Widow And The Wardrobe1 episode, broadcast 25 Dec 2011
13-16 Sep 2011Stradey Castle, Llanelli, Wales unverified-
17 Sep 2011Bute Esplanade, Cardiff, Wales unverified-
19 Sep 2011Beechenhurst, Coleford, Gloucestershire unverified-
20 Sep 2011Uskmouth Power Station, Newport unverified-
22-23 Sep 2011Gethin Woods, Merthyr Tydfilunverified-
26 Sep 2011Y Groes, Rhiwbina, cardiff unverified-
26 Sep 2011No 22 Pen-Y-Dre, Rhiwbina, Cardiff unverified-
3 Oct 2011Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre, East Kirkby, Lincolnshireunverified-
4 Oct 2011Merthyr Mawr Warren, Merthyr Mawr unverified-
7 Oct 2011Stradey Castle, Llanelli, Wales unverified-
Asylum of the Daleks1 episode, broadcast 1 Sep 2012
15 Mar 2012Sierra Nevada National Park (Mountains), Spain unverified-
5 Apr 2012Bute Esplanade, Cardiff, Wales unverified-
6 Apr 2012Mount Stuart Square (east), Cardiff Bay unverified-
7 Apr 2012Institute for Advanced Studies, Bristol University unverified-
7 Jun 2012Plan Cafe, Cardiff unverified-
Dinosaurs on a Spaceship1 episode, broadcast 8 Sep 2012
20 Feb 20126 Church Road, Penarth unverified-
22 Feb 2012Southerndown Beach, Ogmore Vale, Bridgend unverified-
The Power Of Three1 episode, broadcast 22 Sep 2012
30 Apr 2012Glendale Hotel, Penarth unverified-
1,7-8 May, 6,28 Jun 20127 Church Road, Penarth unverified-
2-3 May 2012Caerphilly Castle, Caerphilly unverified-
4 May 2012Coedarhydyglyn, St. Nicholas, Cardiff unverified-
4 May, 7 Jun 2012Bute Esplanade, Cardiff, Wales unverified-
5,12 May 2012St Cadoc's Hospital, Caerleon, Gwent unverified-
9 May 2012Neath Abbey, Swansea unverified-
28 Jun 2012Belle Vue Park, Albert Road, Penarth unverified-
29 Jul 2012Apprentice Studio, London unverified-
30 Jul 2012Holiday Inn (Alley), Hammersmith, Londonunverified-
The Angels Take Manhattan1 episode, broadcast 29 Sep 2012
4 Apr 2012School of Physics and Astronomy, Cardiff University unverified-
6 Apr 2012Custom House, Cardiff unverified-
6 Apr 2012Bay Chambers, West Bute Street, Cardiff unverified-
6 Apr 2012West Bute Street, Cardiff unverified-
7 Apr 2012School of Physics, Bristol University unverified-
7 Apr 2012Institute for Advanced Studies, Bristol University unverified-
11 Apr 2012Central Park, New York, USA unverified-
11 Apr 2012Fifth Avenue (East 60th St), New York, USA unverified-
11,12 Apr 2012Times Square, New York, USA unverified-
12 Apr 2012Brooklyn Bridge Park, New York, USA unverified-
12 Apr 2012East 43rd Street, New York, USA unverified-
12 Apr 2012Battery Maritime Building, New York, USA unverified-
12 Apr 2012Main Street, New York, USAunverified-
12 Apr 2012Grand Central Terminal, New York, USA unverified-
13 Apr 2012Grand Army Plaza (General Sherman Monument), New York, USA unverified-
16-18 Apr 2012Coedarhydyglyn, St. Nicholas, Cardiff unverified-
19 Apr, 28 Jun 2012Box Cemetery, Newport unverified-
21 Apr 2012King Edward VII Avenue, Cardiff unverified-
21 Apr 2012Glamorgan Building, Cardiff University, Cardiff unverified-
30 Sep, 8-10,12-15 Oct 2009The Vicarage, Rhymney, Gwent unverified-
The Snowmen1 episode, broadcast 25 Dec 2012
6-7 Aug 2012The Coal Exchange, Mount Stuart Square, Cardiff Bay unverified-
8-9 Aug 2012Fields House, Allt-Yr-Yn, Newport unverified-
10 Aug 2012Cathays Cemetery, Cardiff unverified-
11-12,15-17 Aug 2012Treberfydd House, Llangasty, Brecon unverified-
13-14 Aug, 21 Nov 2012Insole Court, Llandaff, Cardiff unverified-
14,28 Aug 2012Cathays Park Campus, Cardiff University unverified-
20 Aug 2012Corn Street, Bristol unverified-
20 Aug 2012St Nicholas Market, Bristolunverified-
21 Aug 2012Portland Square, Bristol unverified-
24 Aug 2012Llandough House, Llandough, Wales unverified-
27 Aug 2012Treowen Manor, Dingestow, Monmouth unverified-
28 Nov 2012Merthyr Mawr House, Merthyr Mawr unverified-
The Bells of Saint John1 episode, broadcast 20130330
8-10,12 Oct 201230 Beatty Avenue, Cardiff unverified-
11 Oct 2012MOD St Athan (Ecubed Solutions (plane)), Vale of Glamorgan unverified-
11 Oct 2012Southerndown Beach, Ogmore Vale, Bridgend unverified-
15 Oct 2012St. Paul's Hotel (Sky Bar), Londonunverified-
15,16 Oct 2012Westminster Bridge, Westminster, London unverified-
15,16 Oct 2012Waterloo Bridge, Londonunverified-
15 Oct 2012Horse Guards Road, Londonunverified-
15 Oct 2012Admiralty Arch, The Mall, London unverified-
16 Oct 2012The Queens Walk, Westminster, London unverified-
16 Oct 2012St Thomas Street, London unverified-
17 Oct 2012Caerphilly Castle, Caerphilly unverified-
17 Oct 2012Forest Fawr Country Park (Three Bears), Cardiff unverified-
19 Oct 2012Senedd Building, Cardiff unverified-
2 Dec 2012St Pancras International Station, Londonunverified-
2 Dec 2012Eurostar, London-Paris unverified-
2 Dec 2012Eiffel Tower, Paris, France unverified-
6 Dec 2012Conzelman Road, California, USA unverified-
6 Dec 2012Stockton Street, San Francisco, USAunverified-
6 Dec 2012California Street, San Francisco, USAunverified-
7 Dec 2012Starbucks (Shibuya), Tokyo, Japan unverified-
7 Dec 2012Shibuya Shopping Centre, Tokyo, Japan unverified-
8 Dec 2012Sensō Ji, Tokyo, Japanunverified-
The Rings of Akhaten1 episode, broadcast 6 Apr 2013
8-10,12 Oct, 26 Nov 201230 Beatty Avenue, Cardiff unverified-
22,27 Oct 2012Rupert Brooke Drive, Newport unverified-
23 Oct 2012Ruskin Rise (Park), Newport unverified-
23 Oct 2012St Woolos Cemetery, Newport unverified-
Cold War1 episode, broadcast 13 Apr 2013
30 Jun 2012Port Teigr, Cardiff, Wales unverified-
Hide1 episode, broadcast 20 Apr 2013
22 May 2012The Manor House, Plas Llanmihangel, South Glamorgan unverified-
25 May 2012Eddie's Diner, Cardiff unverified-
25 May 2012Tyntesfield, Bristol unverified-
29 May 2012Gethin Woodland Park, Merthyr Tydfilunverified-
30-31 May 2012Margam Country Park, Port Talbot unverified-
1-4 June 2012Hensol Castle, Glamorgan unverified-
Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS1 episode, broadcast 27 Apr 2013
The Crimson Horror1 episode, broadcast 4th May 2013
2 Jul 2012Bute Town, Rhymney unverified-
3 Jul 2012Holy Trinity Presbyterian Church, Barry unverified-
3 Jul 2012Dock Office (First floor corridor), Barryunverified-
6 Jul 2012Parish Church, Llantrisant, Walesunverified-
6 Jul 2012London House, Llantrisant, Wales unverified-
26 Jul 2012Tonyrefail School, Rhondda Cynon Taff, Wales unverified-
2 Aug 2012Brigantine Place (Canal), Cardiff unverified-
8-10,12 Oct, 26 Nov 201230 Beatty Avenue, Cardiff unverified-
25 Oct 2012Barry Pump House, Barry, Cardiff unverified-
Nightmare in Silver1 episode, broadcast 11th May 2013
7-9 Nov 2012Castell Coch, Cardiff unverified-
10 Nov 2012City Hall, Cardiff unverified-
13 Nov 2012Newbridge Memo, Newbridge, Gwent unverified-
13-14 Nov 2012Caerphilly Castle, Caerphilly unverified-
16 Nov 2012The Coal Exchange, Mount Stuart Square, Cardiff Bay unverified-
~19 Nov 2012MOD St Athan, Vale of Glamorgan unverified-
26,29 Nov 2012 (21 Nov 2012 abandoned due to weather)Uskmouth Power Station, Newport unverified-
The Name of the Doctor1 episode, broadcast 18 May 2013
26 Nov 2012Roath Park (playground), Roath, Cardiff unverified-
27 Nov 2012Merthyr Mawr Warren, Merthyr Mawr unverified-
28 Nov 2012Argoed Quarry, Llanharry unverified-
28 Nov 2012Cardiff Castle, Cardiff unverified-
November 2012Neath Abbey, Swansea unverified-
The Day of The Doctor1 episode, broadcast 23 Nov 2013
2 Apr 2013Ivy Tower, Neath unverified-
4 Apr 2013Gelligaer Common, Fochriiw, Merthyr unverified-
8 Apr 2013Tower of London, London unverified-
9 Apr 2013Trafalgar Square, London unverified-
10-12 Apr 2013MOD Caerwent, Monmouthshire unverified-
15 Apr 2013National Museum of Wales, Cardiff unverified-
16 Apr 2013Doctor Who Experience (10th Doctor TARDIS set), Cardiff, Wales unverified-
17 Apr 2013Chepstow Castle, Chepstow, Monmouthshire unverified-
2 May 2013Cwmdare Street, Cardiff unverified-
2 May 2013Gladstone Primary School, Cardiff unverified-
3-5 May 2013Mamhilad Park Industrial Estate, Pontypool, Wales unverified-
The Time of The Doctor1 episode, broadcast 25 Dec 2013
10 Sep 2013Lydstep Flats (Playing Fields), Cardiff unverified-
11-12 Sep 2013Sennybridge Training Area, Sennybridge, Wales unverified-
17 Sep 2013Mamhilad Park Industrial Estate, Pontypool, Wales unverified-
18 Sep 2013Usk Reservoir, Brecon Beacons unverified-
19 Sep 2013Puzzlewood, Coleford, Gloucestershire unverified-

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